Firt of all, Make a list of products that you would like us to help you produce
Why you need to do that? – Since there is no clothing manufacturer can produce every kinds of product. Ex:, some only produce knitted garment, some are only producing woven products.

Secondly, Where should you go to find them?
Just let begin with the internet. They are all on the internet . However, how to type on google to effectly find them? .Do not type only “clothing manufacturer” on it. Take the keyword from your list, put in on google search engine with the name of an area after that. For example, the phrase “clothing manufacturer vietnam” would be much more efficient instead.

Thirdly, collect information about the service the are offering with following questions

– which kind of service they are providing? A manufacturer who can provide you a one-stop-shop service would always be able to help you save lost of time and expense ’cause they could cover the whole manufacturing process for you.

– Are they flexible in fabric development. You could save lots of time any money in this take-time process since you do not need to take in charge of sourcing

+Could the master knowledge, technology, development and innovation in yarn and fabric?. If yes, they would know exactly what to do to handle your requirement of fabric development and even be able to give you better option.

+ Can you realize on their sourcing team? A experienced sourcing department are essential for any supplier. Without this team, it’s hard for them to make their service adapt to different requirement. Their input materials cost would be high. Therefore, they could not provide you a reasonable price

+ Did they build a close-knit relationship with materials suppliers? This point might decided if they could be a capable supplier. Sometimes, people lie you with a list of suppliers while those suppliers are not actually supplying them. You can easily check with supplier listed by them if they are actually their partners.

And finally, Is your technical requirement a challenge for them? How they handle your technical requirement would show you alot about their their ability.

+ Is there any limitation in how they get your idea? A good supplier would have good designers and technicians who are able got your idea of the products very quickly and accurately. Don’t waste you time with suppliers who could do not have technicians who are able to understand your idea or requirement quickly and exactly. Language is also very important in this case as the misunderstanding may come from the language. If you language or English are familiar with them, it would would be a big help for them.

+ Do their technicians equipped with modern technology? It would decide how good your products would be manufactured. pattern making, samples development, preparing tech-pack… they handle all those things in professional process. A vast majority of the quality of your products depend on how good their technicians team is. Expcially in case of high functional products like activewear, technicians teams who have knowledge in structure of the product are must-have for that activewear clothing manufacturer.

Are their capacity suitable for manufacturing your products? I means that how goood their factory equipped?, How many labors are working in their factory?, How many machine have been set up and How good those machines are.

I really hope that there is something in my article could help you a little

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